Repetitive Motion Injuries
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How To Make A Repetitive Motion Injury Claim

If you are injured at work it is important to report your injury as soon as possible to a supervisor or someone else in charge at work. An injury should be reported within 21 days to protect your claim to benefits. Contact Shoap Law Offices online or at 717-261-1345 if you have any questions about whether your injury needs to be reported and how it should be reported. Generally the sooner you report the injury, the better. If you do not report your injury to your employer within 120 days of when it happens, you could be prevented from filing a claim for the injury in the future.

Make A Record That You Reported The Injury

When you report your injury, you should ask your supervisor to complete a written injury report. If your employer does not offer to complete an injury report, you can ask to complete a report yourself. You can also provide your own written notice. Make sure to date and sign the notice. Save a copy for your records. If you need help preparing a written notice, contact Shoap Law Offices for assistance.

Your Employer’s Response To The Injury Report

Your employer has 21 days to decide whether to accept or deny your reported injury. If they delay responding to you, contact our office for help. It can be very stressful waiting for a response from your employer. Knowing your rights can help you cope with that stress. Feel free to contact one of our trained staff or attorneys for advice. Your employer will have its insurance carrier to rely on. You need someone on your side, too.

What If My Claim Is Denied?

If you receive a Notice of Denial of your claim, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys at Shoap Law Offices will help you decide whether a claim should be filed in your case. You generally have three years from the date of your injury to file a claim. The sooner you file the claim, the sooner you can receive the wage loss benefits and medical coverage that you need. Shoap Law Offices will provide you with a free consultation about your work injury at our office in Chambersburg. Call 717-261-1345 toll free or schedule online.