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Your SSDI Hearing Is An Opportunity You Must Be Prepared For. We’ll Help.

Most people are denied when they first apply for Social Security Disability benefits. That does not mean you do not deserve them.

The best opportunity to obtain benefits after a denial is the SSDI hearing. A hearing will be before an administrative law judge. These hearings, while not in a courtroom, can nonetheless be intimidating. And providing incomplete evidence or not knowing what the ALJ is looking for can lead to a denial of benefits you deserve.

An Experienced Social Security Disability Advocate On Your Side

The lawyers at Shoap Law Offices appear regularly before ALJs to present evidence on behalf of disabled workers; we have done so for thousands of claimants. Through experience, we understand what administrative law judges are looking for in allowing or denying benefits. We will help you gather medical evidence. Prior to the hearing, we will let you know what to expect, including questions the judge is likely to ask you and how to honestly and clearly explain why you deserve benefits.

Patricia Shoap and Lindsey Ringquist are skilled and attorneys who will be by your side at the hearing. We also have a former Social Security service representative on staff to help you compile your case.

We are not a national law firm. When you hire us, you know who is preparing your case and who will be with you at the hearing. From our office in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, we represent clients in Franklin County and surrounding areas.

We Offer Free Consultations

You can reach our office by calling 717-261-1345 or through email. There is no charge to meet with us to ask questions and get more information about how we can help.