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Social media may be used when evaluating a disability claim

Pennsylvania residents have likely seen examples of individuals who have had negative experiences at work, at school or with law enforcement because of what they posted on social media. Now, the Social Security Administration may start turning to Facebook and Instagram when evaluating a person's disability claim.

Medical records an examiner deems to be relevant

Pennsylvania residents do not need include medical records when sending in an application for Social Security Disability benefits. However, they can be a useful tool in helping to get it approved. An examiner will look for as much objective evidence as possible that shows a condition makes it impossible to perform even simple tasks. It may be a good idea to seek treatment because a doctor may be able to take notes and include them in an applicant's file.

Receiving disability benefits after getting an award notice

Individuals filing for Social Security disability benefits in Pennsylvania typically go through a long and involved process. Therefore, when an award notice is received, it's understandably a welcome relief for most applicants. As for when benefits will actually start, payouts are often received sooner when individuals get an award notice at the initial disability application or reconsideration appeal level. It normally takes a bit longer to receive benefits when an award notice is granted at the hearing level.

Tips for submitting a quality disability application

When a Pennsylvania resident files for disability benefits, the claim is sent to a disability determination services (DDS) office in the state. The claim is then sent to an examiner who will evaluate the application and make a decision as to whether a person will receive financial aid. In some cases, it will be necessary to attend a consultative examination (CE). This is usually true if an applicant's medical records are all 90 days or older.

How disability applications are decided

After filing for a Social Security disability benefits claim, an applicant in Pennsylvania may receive a notice of denial. In some cases, the notices will come relatively quickly, but that isn't an indication of how strong they are. Instead, it is a measure of how fast an examiner was able to review the medical information an applicant supplied. As a general rule, examiners try to get through a case as quickly as possible, but there is no deadline to do so.

An appeal could be easier than filing a new application

Individuals in Pennsylvania who have a disability may be able to get disability benefits from the government. The process of obtaining benefits involves sending an application with relevant medical information explaining how the condition makes it impossible to work. If an application is denied, an applicant has the option to file a new claim or appeal the denial. In most cases, filing an appeal takes less time and paperwork.

Persistence during appeal process matters after disability denial

People in Pennsylvania who are struggling with a disabling physical or mental condition might want to give up when they receive a denial of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. A determination letter that denies a person benefits does not have to be the last word on the matter. An applicant has the right to appeal the decision and submit the paperwork within 65 days to the agency.

Why representation increases SSD and SSI hearing win ratios

Seeking Social Security disability (SSD) payments or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Pennsylvania can sometimes be a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating task. This is why having representation during the required hearings for SSD and SSI claims increases the odds of having a successful outcome with cases of this nature. As for why representation can be so helpful with disability claims, the short answer comes down to two things: solid case preparation and a more comprehensive and clear presentation of relevant arguments and positions.

Social Security Disability criteria for anxiety disorders

People in Pennsylvania typically think of physical limitations when defining disability, but documented mental disorders could significantly impede a person's ability to hold a job. The Social Security Administration recognizes that serious and ongoing mental health problems could represent valid reasons for the approval of disability benefits. The agency has a listing manual that includes anxiety disorder or panic attacks as qualifying conditions.

Supreme Court to review attorneys' fees for Social Security cases

People in Pennsylvania sometimes seek legal help when pursuing Social Security benefits. Two federal laws guide compensation for attorneys working on these cases, but the decisions among federal appellate courts have been split on the issue, and now the Supreme Court of the United States has accepted a case to resolve the confusion.


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