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Hazards faced within the lumber industry

The lumber industry’s importance to the Franklin County region cannot be overlooked as the area is home to a number of lumber-related companies and manufacturers. It’s a solid contributor to the region’s economy and will continue to be as suppliers to homebuilding and professional contractors.

Is it possible to receive SSDI and work at the same time?

Struggling with a disability is a difficult reality often complicating every factor of daily life. The truth is-- your life is just as valuable and deserving of peace and security as anyone else. This includes acquiring financial security. If you are on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, or applying for it, you may be curious about your options to continue working in some capacity.

Truck drivers without enough rest are at risk for accidents

Your job is unique from other occupations. While many other Pennsylvania workers clock out after 8 hours, you’re still hard at work navigating your truck on the roadways. Although the nature of your job is different, you also have legal rights while in the “workplace.”

Workers’ comp covers any occupation

All workers, in all occupations, face risks to their health in their daily operations. While people hear of workers’ compensation and automatically think of logging, roofers or steel workers, the statistics show that most everyone runs across dangerous equipment, dangerous people or unsafe conditions in some form.

Do Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits apply to mental illnesses?

Question: A few years ago, I was the victim of an assault. I was in pretty bad shape physically, but seemed to be doing okay-especially after the criminal trial was over and he was convicted. About six months ago, however, I started having trouble sleeping, and having nightmares about the incident.


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