Nurses and other healthcare workers face numerous job hazards. Even with safety precautions in place, some risks are unavoidable. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help injured healthcare workers.

1. Lifting and moving patients

Adults are often heavy. It might not always be possible to use proper lifting mechanics when helping large patients. Even with proper lifting techniques, injuries may build up over time. If you are experiencing work-related back or shoulder pain, you should inform your employer.

2. Chemical exposure

Radiation, chemotherapy drugs, and other chemicals used in hospitals and long-term care facilities can lead to occupational diseases and illnesses. Even items designed to protect healthcare workers and patients, such as soap and sanitizer, can lead to dermatitis.

3. Infectious diseases

Healthcare workers are in constant contact with sick individuals. Colds can be commonplace. However, some diseases and illnesses are more serious. It is important to note that workers’ comp covers work-related illnesses.

4. Assault

Many people are unaware of how dangerous patient care can be. Patients who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or patients experiencing mental health issues can pose a significant risk to healthcare workers.

5. Stress

74% of nurses have said that stress and overwork is their number one health-related concern. Stress can manifest itself physically. It is essential to be aware of job-related stresses and to take note of how it might be impacting your health.

Stay safe and be aware

You may not be able to make your workplace perfectly safe. However, you should be mindful of the hazards you face and take what steps you can to prevent workplace injuries. You should never ignore an injury or attempt to “work through the pain.” If you are hurt, discuss your workers’ compensation options with a skilled professional.