Unfortunately, workplace injures may happen more often than you realize. Or, depending on your career field, you may be well aware that injuries occur at work.

There is a possibility of getting injured on-the-job in any workplace, although some career fields are more dangerous than others.

Who misses work the most?

An employee suffers a workplace injury every seven seconds. In 2017, there were 104,000,000 production days lost due to on-the-job injuries.

These 5 occupations have the highest number of injured workers who are unable to work for one or more days as a result of their injury:

  1. Law enforcement and firefighters
  2. Transportation
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Maintenance, installation and repair
  5. Construction

No matter the industry, any employee can suffer an on-the-job injury. Some injuries don’t require any time off, and others can prevent the employee from ever going back to work.

What are the most common injuries?

The most common injuries can vary in severity. In most cases, they are nonlife-threatening.

  • Strains, sprains or muscle tears
  • Soreness or pain
  • Cuts, lacerations or punctures

When an employee is injured on-the-job, they may qualify for workers’ compensation. If an employee needs medical attention or is unable to work due to an injury they sustained while working, they should apply for workers’ comp benefits.

Do you need help?

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to ensure employees can receive care if they suffer an injury or illness due to the nature of their job.

Employers should be willing to give you the necessary documentation for a workers’ comp claim. If not, you can reach out to coworkers, friends, family, outside resources or an experienced attorney.