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Back pay may be possible in a disability case

Pennsylvania residents who apply for disability benefits may be able to receive payments retroactive to the date that they filed. While there is no maximum amount that they can receive, there are many factors that could determine what they are entitled to. Individuals who filed 17 months or more after they stopped performing substantial work could get up to 12 months in back payments.

The five-month difference is because of the waiting period that all applicants must go through. Generally speaking, a person is entitled to benefits no earlier than five months after the onset of a condition that makes it impossible to work. Another factor an individual needs to consider when seeking back payments is the medical evidence used to determine that he or she is disabled. Back payments are typically only available from the time that medical evidence is available to support the claim.

There is a good chance that a person could receive back payments if that individual has to see an administrative law judge. This is because it often takes months or years to do so. Therefore, it is likely that an individual will have become eligible for benefits long obtaining approval to receive them. These payments could allow an applicant to receive additional financial assistance.

If a person has an inability to work because of a mental or physical condition, government benefits may be available. The amount of the benefits offered depends on a person's previous work record and other factors. An attorney may review a case and talk more about what to do if an application is denied. In many cases, applications are denied at least once. Typically, disability cases are resolved in front of a judge after a reconsideration appeal has been denied.

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