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June 2019 Archives

Improving electrical worker safety using OSHA resources

OSHA is trying to raise awareness of the safety risks that engineers, electricians and all electrical workers have to face. Though OSHA has been focusing on electrical safety in the states of Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas, the safety organization has concerns and tips that apply to electrical workers in Arizona as well.

OSHA releases list of top safety violations in 2018

Employers in Pennsylvania should never wait until an OSHA inspector comes by to do something about workplace safety. Employers must comply with standards at all times. Unfortunately, inspectors uncovered all kinds of safety violations in 2018, and OSHA has released a list of the most prominent ones in an effort to raise awareness.

Heat-related illness in the workplace and how to prevent it

Both indoor and outdoor workers in Pennsylvania may be concerned about the summer heat and how it will impact their health. Besides the heat from the sun, the heat generated by machinery or by layers of protective clothing can lead workers to suffer from heat stress and other heat-related illnesses. Heat-related worker deaths number more than 1,300 every year according to EPA estimates.

Protecting workplace safety at the loading dock

The loading dock is an active, busy work site for many Pennsylvania employees. These docks, located at factories, warehouses, distribution centers and other industrial buildings, are often connected to a storage room or staging area. Here, large trucks deliver the items needed to make the business operate. Loading docks are critical to many business operations, but they can also be a common site for workplace accidents and injuries. Loading dock employees are often charged with handling massive quantities of goods on a quick, expedited basis. After all, many delivery trucks are on a tight schedule and need to leave the dock quickly.

Fatality rates high among truckers, construction workers

Anyone in Pennsylvania who works in construction or transportation should know that nearly half of all workplace fatalities in 2017 were in these two industries. On the other hand, the industries of manufacturing and wholesale trade saw their lowest fatality rates since 2003. As for why construction and transportation are so dangerous, there appear to be several reasons.

OSHA requires employers to guard machinery

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules and regulations that apply to machinery operation and guarding. Because plant employees in Pennsylvania spend most of their time operating machines, it is important that their employers follow OSHA machinery regulations. To be in compliance with the law, employers must provide guards on certain machines to protect the operators. Common types of guards include barrier guards, two-hand trip devices and electronic safety devices.

Back pay may be possible in a disability case

Pennsylvania residents who apply for disability benefits may be able to receive payments retroactive to the date that they filed. While there is no maximum amount that they can receive, there are many factors that could determine what they are entitled to. Individuals who filed 17 months or more after they stopped performing substantial work could get up to 12 months in back payments.


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