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Study reveals leading causes of workplace injuries

Workers in Pennsylvania may be at risk of serious injury on the job depending on the conditions of their employment and the type of industry in which they work. While every workplace injury is individual, certain types of incidents are far more common than others. Insurance company Liberty Mutual has produced a report of the 10 most common causes of serious workplace injuries. The report defined serious injuries as those connected to at least a five-day absence from the job.

The report also noted the costs associated with these workplace injuries in terms of compensation, lost wages and medical bills. The most common cause of serious injuries on the job was overexertion, a general term that refers to injuries obtained through excessive or strenuous lifting, pushing, pulling or turning. Overexertion was the cause of 23.65% of workplace injuries and was linked to $13.11 billion in costs. In addition, falls on the same level were the second most common cause of injuries at work, accounting for 18.72% of serious incidents. Falls to a lower level were also a common risk, accounting for nearly 9% of all serious injuries.

Other major causes of on-the-job injuries included being struck by equipment or another object, being involved in roadway accidents, slipping or tripping without a fall, or being compressed by equipment. Repetitive motion injuries associated with small tasks also made the list, featuring as the ninth most common type of workplace injury and linked to $1.59 billion in costs each year.

There are a number of risks that workers face every day on the job, especially when their employer fails to adhere to workplace safety regulations. People who have been injured on the job and are facing escalating medical costs may want to work with a workers' compensation lawyer to pursue compensation.

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