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How artificial intelligence can improve workplace safety

Pennsylvania construction workers are in a dangerous business. On a nationwide average, 14 construction workers die on the job every day. That is five times the number of deaths in other occupations. Approximately 40% of those deaths result from falls. There has also been a large increase in struck-by deaths over the past decade.

Safety professionals are always looking for ways to reduce the number of deaths and injuries occurring at construction sites. One relatively new tool being used for that purpose is artificial intelligence, which provides the ability to gather and analyze data much faster than what could be done manually. For example, AI-supported cameras can scan job sites in real time and flag potentially dangerous situations.

Even before work begins at a construction site, a combination of AI and robotics can be used to fabricate structures in a controlled environment prior to shipping the structures to the job site. This allows some of the most dangerous jobs to be completed without risking human life. The level of workplace transparency can also be improved through the use of AI, thereby reducing the number of injuries due to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Even though safety can be improved through the use of AI and machine learning, it is inevitable that some Pennsylvania workers will suffer on-the-job injuries. When that happens, workers' compensation benefits could cover lost wages and medical bills. However, the process of filing a claim can be quite intimidating. Many injured workers may find it helpful to rely on the services of a law firm with experience in filing workers' comp claims. Such a firm could also provide support when a workers' comp claim is denied or medical care is refused.

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