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April 2019 Archives

How artificial intelligence can improve workplace safety

Pennsylvania construction workers are in a dangerous business. On a nationwide average, 14 construction workers die on the job every day. That is five times the number of deaths in other occupations. Approximately 40% of those deaths result from falls. There has also been a large increase in struck-by deaths over the past decade.

Study reveals leading causes of workplace injuries

Workers in Pennsylvania may be at risk of serious injury on the job depending on the conditions of their employment and the type of industry in which they work. While every workplace injury is individual, certain types of incidents are far more common than others. Insurance company Liberty Mutual has produced a report of the 10 most common causes of serious workplace injuries. The report defined serious injuries as those connected to at least a five-day absence from the job.

Wait times for disability benefits decisions

Pennsylvania residents who have submitted claims for Social Security disability benefits should know that their wait times will depend on many factors. Applicants who have been denied disability benefits should expect to receive their notices rather quickly as there is a 65-day deadline they will have to maintain when submitting an appeal.

Preventing injuries can reduce workers' compensation claims

Workers' compensation claims provide Pennsylvania employees with a way to get financial assistance after an on-the-job accident. Such accidents can range from minor slips and falls to roadway crashes in vehicles owned by the company. Employers are responsible for maintaining safe workplaces. This might involve informing employees of any worksite construction or cleaning areas that could be hazardous. Employers also need to provide their workers with proper training and make sure that they understand common safety standards.

Date of disability onset crucial for retroactive SSD benefits

The process of evaluating an application for Social Security Disability benefits involves the determination of when the disability started. Known as the established date of onset, this date will influence how far back in time the Social Security Administration will go to determine the back payment of benefits for a Pennsylvania applicant.

The dangers of repetitive motion work activities

When most think of injuries in the workplace, they think of traumatic sudden injuries, like a fall from an elevated surface, being hit by or run over with heavy machinery and more. However, repetitive motion injuries also contribute to many workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims across Pennsylvania.


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