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Tesla cited for more OSHA violations than other auto plants

Innovative vehicles from Tesla might interest consumers in Pennsylvania, but the company's track record on workplace safety does not compare well to other automakers. According to a report published by Forbes, the company had far more Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations between 2014 and 2018 than the other top 10 auto manufacturing plants put together.

An OSHA database recorded a total of 48 violations for Tesla between August 22, 2014, and June 21, 2018. Twenty-two violations emerged after the investigation of nine accidents. Another 18 violations resulted from seven complaints about safety. The remaining eight violations arose from miscellaneous incidents that did not involve complaints.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, defended the company by explaining that the demands of rapidly ramping up production involved hands-on labor instead of only automated manufacturing. The company also cut costs aggressively as it faced pressure to meet production deadlines. The company's vice president in charge of safety also pointed out that safety inspectors scrutinized its main production plant on the West Coast.

An employer that fails to follow safety regulations could place workers at an increased risk of injury. When a person is involved in an on-the-job accident, workers' comp benefits are in place to pay for medical care regardless of any negligent actions. Collecting benefits, however, could involve challenges, and a person might want the representation of an attorney. Legal support could help someone pursue treatment and recover lost wages in the face of an uncooperative employer or insurance company. A lawyer could counteract attempts to minimize payments or deny necessary medical care. To defend the employee's right to coverage within the terms of the insurance contract, an attorney might appeal an insurance claim denial or recommend filing a lawsuit.

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