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Employees have the right to a safe work area

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 provides workers in Pennsylvania and throughout America with the right to a safe workplace. Under this legislation, workers are protected from retaliation in the event that they make a complaint to OSHA. In fact, the legislation allows workers to accompany OSHA representatives on any inspection that the organization makes. An individual is allowed to receive training and clear instructions on how to avoid hazards at a given job site.

Employers are required to identify and remove as many hazards as possible in the workplace. If a hazard cannot be eliminated, employees are entitled to protection against it. Employees have the right to obtain statistics related to workplace injuries and fatalities. They may also be entitled to learn about any citations that the company has received from OSHA. Employers must keep a record of work-related accidents.

Workers who believe that an employer hasn't done enough to address a hazard may contact OSHA to file a complaint. The request can be made anonymously. Once a complaint has been made, OSHA will investigate it to determine if the claim has any merit. If there is reason to believe that a hazard has not been mitigated, an inspection will take place, and a report will be issued.

Those who are injured while on the job could receive workers' compensation benefits. This allows an individual to receive payment for medical expenses incurred related to the injury. It also allows an individual to receive a portion of his or her lost wages. However, unlike a personal injury case, injured workers are generally unable to receive punitive or other damages. An attorney may be able to review a workers' compensation case and answer any questions a worker has about the process of filing a claim.

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