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Tips for submitting a quality disability application

When a Pennsylvania resident files for disability benefits, the claim is sent to a disability determination services (DDS) office in the state. The claim is then sent to an examiner who will evaluate the application and make a decision as to whether a person will receive financial aid. In some cases, it will be necessary to attend a consultative examination (CE). This is usually true if an applicant's medical records are all 90 days or older.

However, the CE is unlikely to lead to an approval on its own. Ideally, a person will seek out the care of a personal physician or anyone else who is familiar with the case before submitting an application. Otherwise, the examiner may have little choice other than to use the limited information the CE provides in approving or denying the application. Furthermore, the examiner may contact the third-party listed on the application.

This person will provide information about how a condition impacts an applicant's ability to function. The more that a person knows, the easier it may be to get an application approved in a timely manner. Applicants themselves should provide accurate information about their limitations and any work done in the past 15 years. Inaccurate information could lead to delays in processing an application or result in an application being denied.

Individuals who have a disability and are unable to work may be entitled to SS disability benefits. These benefits may help those with a physical or mental condition provide for themselves and their families. It is not uncommon for disability applications to be denied on the first attempt and approved on appeal. An attorney may be able to help an individual provide the information necessary for this to happen. Legal representatives may also file appeal paperwork for an individual.

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