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An appeal could be easier than filing a new application

Individuals in Pennsylvania who have a disability may be able to get disability benefits from the government. The process of obtaining benefits involves sending an application with relevant medical information explaining how the condition makes it impossible to work. If an application is denied, an applicant has the option to file a new claim or appeal the denial. In most cases, filing an appeal takes less time and paperwork.

This is generally true whether a person chooses to file a new claim online or chooses to do so by phone. Each time a new application is filed, an individual may be subject to a consultative examination, which may involve physical, mental or intelligence testing. In addition to saving time, an individual may find that an appeal will increase the likelihood of getting benefits at some point in the future. This is because the appeal process eventually allows an applicant to have a hearing in front of a judge.

If an applicant chooses to hire legal representation for such a hearing, he or she generally has the best odds of getting approval at this stage. Furthermore, those who have representation may not have to make any direct contact with the parties handling their case. Instead, their representative will generally complete and submit documents related to the appeal.

Those who are looking to apply for SS disability benefits may have a better chance of doing so with an attorney or other qualified legal representative. A representative may be able to gather evidence or prepare an applicant for a hearing in front of a judge. Furthermore, those who are represented in a case may find it easier to file an appeal or send other information faster. This might result in an application being approved in less time.

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