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December 2018 Archives

Tips for submitting a quality disability application

When a Pennsylvania resident files for disability benefits, the claim is sent to a disability determination services (DDS) office in the state. The claim is then sent to an examiner who will evaluate the application and make a decision as to whether a person will receive financial aid. In some cases, it will be necessary to attend a consultative examination (CE). This is usually true if an applicant's medical records are all 90 days or older.

How disability applications are decided

After filing for a Social Security disability benefits claim, an applicant in Pennsylvania may receive a notice of denial. In some cases, the notices will come relatively quickly, but that isn't an indication of how strong they are. Instead, it is a measure of how fast an examiner was able to review the medical information an applicant supplied. As a general rule, examiners try to get through a case as quickly as possible, but there is no deadline to do so.

An appeal could be easier than filing a new application

Individuals in Pennsylvania who have a disability may be able to get disability benefits from the government. The process of obtaining benefits involves sending an application with relevant medical information explaining how the condition makes it impossible to work. If an application is denied, an applicant has the option to file a new claim or appeal the denial. In most cases, filing an appeal takes less time and paperwork.

Seasonal workers have a right to a safe workplace

Workers in Pennsylvania may face unexpected dangers on the job, especially part-time seasonal workers who take an extra job during the holidays to supplement their income. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is issuing reminders to employers about their responsibilities for workplace safety and fair pay. An OSHA official emphasized that workers have a right to a safe environment on the job, including people doing escalated seasonal work including home deliveries, retail sales, shipping and packing or shelf stocking.


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