When you see and use pallets every day, they can seem harmless. It’s just another thing that helps you get your job done.

Of course, there are also the days where there are so many pallets laying around the warehouse, that it can get overwhelming.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe when you are working with pallets.

Lifting safety

You already know to lift with your knees and reduce the strain on your back. When it comes to pallets, this can be difficult since they are awkward and can be heavy. Of course, a forklift is going to be the best way to move a pallet since it avoids lifting it.

That is not always the most practical solution, however, since sometimes you have one empty pallet to move. In that case, it is best to slide it along its edge.

Stacking pallets

For the safety of you and your coworkers, you should never leave a pallet leaning on its side. It is very easy for a pallet to slide or fall and injure someone. Although it takes up more space, it is always better for pallets to be flat on the ground.

If you are stacking pallets manually, it is best to keep the stack no more than seven or eight high. This helps you avoid lifting pallets over your head or putting others in the position where they would have to pull they down from too high. If you need to make higher stacks, you need to use a forklift.

Preventing falls and cuts

Pallets are often made from rough materials. Rough materials can leave you vulnerable to cuts and splinters. When handling wood pallets, pay attention to nails that might be sticking out or rough wood that could give you a serious splinter.

When you are in a hurry, you may be tempted to take a shortcut and walk over pallets that are on the floor. This is dangerous. It can be difficult to tell if a deck board will be able to support your weight and there could be nails sticking out that could puncture your foot.