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OSHA uses 300 log to develop useful historical information

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to occurrences where workers suffer injury or die on the job as incidents, rather than accidents. The reasoning behind this is that the term accident implies that it was unforeseen or unexpected, but OSHA takes the position that the majority of workplace injuries should have been expected or foreseen. Employers in Pennsylvania are obligated to obey OSHA rules and provide safe environments for their employees.

OSHA makes use of an incident recording tool it calls the 300 log. The 300 log is a standardized form that employers must use if they have at least 10 employees. It is designed to develop a record of workplace injuries and how they occur. Employers are required to enter employee injuries and illnesses into the log, along with when and where they happened, how often they happen, the name and title of the injured or sick employee, the tasks, materials, equipment and processes involved and the number of days the employee was out of work or on limited duty.

The 300 log is a tool, according to OSHA, that can be used to identify dangerous workplace conditions and correct them. The record of back injuries might indicate that lifting equipment is necessary or that employees need training on proper lifting techniques. Injuries related to falls might mean the company needs to improve ladder training or fall protection.

An employee in Pennsylvania who is injured at work might want to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer with experience in workers' compensation cases may be able to help by examining the facts of the case and gathering evidence in support of the client's claim. An injured employee might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits even in situations where the employer has not acted negligently. Workers' comp benefits are generally not dependent on proving fault.

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