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Electrical implants may help those with spinal cord injuries

According to AP News, three people paralyzed from the waist down for years have finally taken steps thanks to an electrical implant. The technology is only a part of the recovery process, as it also requires months of intense rehab.

Patients involved in this new approach still need assistance while walking. However, the spinal stimulator allows them to move their legs, and this is an improvement worth noting. Specialists report that the work is promising, and efforts to improve function after spinal cord injuries is ongoing.

Up to 12 percent of workplace injuries involve spinal cord injuries, and over 30 percent of spinal cord injuries involve falls. Dangerous job conditions and work environments can result in a number of crippling accidents. Examples of potentially hazardous factors include:

  • Slippery floors
  • Unorganized spaces
  • Windows without screens
  • Lighting failure
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Lack of safety devices

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. Often, certain precautions are ignored, and accidents happen as a result. You can work on protecting your back by practicing the following:

  • Stretch frequently
  • Sit in proper chairs
  • Bend at the knees
  • Use tables and chairs for support
  • Keep a strong stance when lifting

Despite efforts from both sides, there are some situations you cannot control. Employer negligence can lead to many workplace injuries, such as back and spinal cord injuries.

These injuries are serious and can be long-term, with medical bills piling up. You also might not be able to return to work, which calls for even further compensation. Whether you are facing a month of therapy or years, your case deserves an evaluation.

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