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September 2018 Archives

OSHA uses 300 log to develop useful historical information

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to occurrences where workers suffer injury or die on the job as incidents, rather than accidents. The reasoning behind this is that the term accident implies that it was unforeseen or unexpected, but OSHA takes the position that the majority of workplace injuries should have been expected or foreseen. Employers in Pennsylvania are obligated to obey OSHA rules and provide safe environments for their employees.

OSHA safety campaign focuses on construction's 'fatal four'

OSHA has developed the Focus Four Hazards campaign to address serious safety hazards in the construction industry. The "fatal four" are falls, caught-in-between incidents, struck-by incidents and electrocution. Construction employees and employers alike in Pennsylvania will want to know what they can learn from this new program.

Persistence during appeal process matters after disability denial

People in Pennsylvania who are struggling with a disabling physical or mental condition might want to give up when they receive a denial of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. A determination letter that denies a person benefits does not have to be the last word on the matter. An applicant has the right to appeal the decision and submit the paperwork within 65 days to the agency.

Why representation increases SSD and SSI hearing win ratios

Seeking Social Security disability (SSD) payments or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Pennsylvania can sometimes be a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating task. This is why having representation during the required hearings for SSD and SSI claims increases the odds of having a successful outcome with cases of this nature. As for why representation can be so helpful with disability claims, the short answer comes down to two things: solid case preparation and a more comprehensive and clear presentation of relevant arguments and positions.

Workers' Compensation: What All Employees Need to Know

When employees go to their job each morning, they expect to work hard and to receive compensation for their efforts. While they might have to deal with difficult customers, they don't always anticipate a workplace accident or injury. Unfortunately, for many employees, that's exactly what happens.


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