One of the top priorities of Social Security Insurance involves aiding individuals by providing benefits to those with disabilities. The government program gives payments to adults who do not have access to wealth or resources, and due to their disabilities or age, they cannot find work.

While some individuals have the opportunity to utilize SSI through their lifetime, others may have the ability to work various jobs. If you prove able, SSI may provide work incentives for you to regain employment while still receiving government benefits.

SSI work incentives

Those who suffer from blindness or disability require government care. The SSI program works diligently to help individuals gain independence providing the opportunity to look into employment opportunities.

Work incentives make it possible for those receiving SSI to continue to use their benefits while they work, when normally, these individuals would prove ineligible with an income. These incentives allow for the government to avoid counting all of your income because you suffer from a disability and choose to work anyway. Medicare and Medicaid still provide monetary benefit even while you may hold a position at a company.

SSI work incentives award you for obtaining a position if you prove able.

Reporting your position with SSA

For your wages earned in your job to be differentiated from normal wages, you must report your position to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Not doing so could result in a federal charge.

You must report:

  • The beginning date of your work
  • Your wages and benefits

If you require government assistance with SSI but choose to work with reasonable accommodations from your employer for your disability, the government ensures that you still receive necessary benefits. Providing for yourself, if your disability allows, could help you gain income and continue benefiting from SSI. Know that the United States government wants you to have the ability to provide for yourself, but if you face a disability, removing your benefits will not be a punishment you encounter.