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August 2018 Archives

OSHA recommendations for tree trimming worker safety

Tree care work is among the most hazardous types of work for Pennsylvania employees. Of all landscape service fatalities, 75 percent are related to tree removal or trimming. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, does not require a specific standard of care for this type of work, but federal regulations that apply to all workers apply to arborists.

Receiving work incentives through SSI

One of the top priorities of Social Security Insurance involves aiding individuals by providing benefits to those with disabilities. The government program gives payments to adults who do not have access to wealth or resources, and due to their disabilities or age, they cannot find work.

Essential safe handling rules for hazardous materials at work

Many occupations in Pennsylvania require workers to handle chemicals or other hazardous materials. Therefore, employers need to make safe handling procedures a top priority by training employees and asking for their insights about safety. When accident prevention becomes a cooperative effort between management and staff, workers may make a greater effort to follow the rules.

OSHA may eliminate electronic injury reporting requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is proposing changes that would reverse a reporting mandate some Pennsylvania businesses may find objectionable. The change is in response to a previous rule update requiring the publishing of OSHA's 300 logs and 301 forms on the agency's website. However, employee names and sensitive personal information would be redacted before publication. In response to employer complaints and an administration change, the agency opened proceedings to discuss rescinding the new rule.

Social Security Disability criteria for anxiety disorders

People in Pennsylvania typically think of physical limitations when defining disability, but documented mental disorders could significantly impede a person's ability to hold a job. The Social Security Administration recognizes that serious and ongoing mental health problems could represent valid reasons for the approval of disability benefits. The agency has a listing manual that includes anxiety disorder or panic attacks as qualifying conditions.


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