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How to protect against falls

Whether a person falls on the same level or falls from height, it could lead to an injury or death. Therefore, Pennsylvania workers and others throughout the country should be as proactive as possible about eliminating hazards. They should never assume that someone is going to do so for them. Furthermore, it is important to wear appropriate footwear and avoid using a cellphone while walking.

Preventing falls from the same level can also be made easier by cleaning up spills and looking out for hazardous weather if working outside. Eliminating falls from heights starts with creating a fall prevention plan before starting a project. Other hazards related to doing a job above ground should be identified as well before it starts. Ladders should never be used during windy weather or during any other time of inclement weather. They should always be set on firm and flat surfaces to prevent a worker from falling.

Protective equipment should be worn at all times, and guardrails can be used to keep workers safe when working at heights. Employers should be aware that falling from height is generally more dangerous than falling from the same level. In 2016, there were 991 construction fatalities according to OSHA. Of those fatalities, 370 occurred because a worker fell to a lower level.

For employers, workplace safety should be among its top priorities as this may reduce the odds that a person has to apply for workers' compensation benefits. However, those who are injured in a workplace accident are entitled to apply for such benefits even if steps were put in place to guard against one happening.

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