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Guarding against pinch points

When it comes to so-called pinch points, the name doesn't leave much to the imagination. A pinch point is any portion of machinery where it is possible that part or all of a person's body can get caught. It's important to note that these hazards can also involve a point between non-stationary equipment and even stationary equipment that involves moving material. For Workers in Pennsylvania, pinch points can lead to major workplace injuries.

Pinch points are a constant presence in many manufacturing facilities. Devices that can lead to pinch point injuries include moving doors and hatches, transmission equipment, presses, assembly lines, conveyor belts and many other pieces of powered machinery.

There are some common-sense solutions that employers can put into place to protect their workers from pinch point injuries. To begin with, employers should evaluate every piece of machinery for potential pinch points. From there, employers should either eliminate or guard those pinch points to prevent injury. While eliminating pinch points may not be possible, guarding them is a viable option. Guards include any type of physical barrier that blocks a person from getting near a pinch point. It's also important for employers to education their workers not to tamper with these guards and only have them removed or repaired by trained and qualified technicians.

Pinch points can lead to a wide range of serious injuries. A worker who has been hurt on the job may have a viable workers' compensation claim. If the claim is successful, a worker may be able to recover the cost of medical bills and missed wages. An attorney with experience in workers' compensation law could help an injured employee navigate the claims process.

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