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April 2018 Archives

The dangers of grain engulfment

For Pennsylvania employees who are required to work in or around grain storage facilities, grain engulfment is a deadly hazard that they face. If a worker becomes smothered by grain in a storage facility, he or she could suffer serious injuries or even death if rescue does not happen fast enough. From April 9 to April 13, the National Grain and Feed Association along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration worked together to raise awareness about the dangers.

Nearly one-third of radiologists suffer back, neck pain

Technological advancements are typically a good thing when it comes to workplace safety in Pennsylvania. However, a recent survey found that almost one-third of radiologists suffer from work-related back pain, and one of the causes could be the computerization of their field.

Guarding against pinch points

When it comes to so-called pinch points, the name doesn't leave much to the imagination. A pinch point is any portion of machinery where it is possible that part or all of a person's body can get caught. It's important to note that these hazards can also involve a point between non-stationary equipment and even stationary equipment that involves moving material. For Workers in Pennsylvania, pinch points can lead to major workplace injuries.

Is it possible to receive SSDI and work at the same time?

Struggling with a disability is a difficult reality often complicating every factor of daily life. The truth is-- your life is just as valuable and deserving of peace and security as anyone else. This includes acquiring financial security. If you are on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, or applying for it, you may be curious about your options to continue working in some capacity.


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