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Fall prevention critical to prevent workplace injuries

Many construction zones and industrial sites in Pennsylvania rely on the work of employees who operate at high levels using fall protection equipment. Due to the inherent dangers of such jobs, these workers are particularly at risk for workplace injuries. Falls in these kinds of jobs can cause lifelong disabilities or even death. Therefore, it is particularly critical that workers have the protective equipment that can ensure safety in case of an accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created a series of guidelines to help protect workers in high places from fall injuries. These guidelines require that any anchor point to which a worker is attached as part of a fall arrest system provide sufficient support in case of a fall. OSHA specifies that this support must be either 5,000 pounds per person or twice the force generated by a falling worker. While many safety experts advise the use of the 5,000-pound standard, there are anchor points that support less weight that can still be sufficient.

For example, an anchor point that supports 1,800 to 3,600 pounds could be suitable for a worker utilizing a fall arrest system. However, due to the critical importance of preventing potentially deadly accidents, it is vital that any potential point is subject to testing.

OSHA standards aim to create and preserve safe workplaces for people in dangerous professions. However, there are still many workplaces that ignore safety regulations, and employees can have serious on-the-job accidents even in safe work sites. Employees who have been injured at work have a right to benefits. A workers' compensation lawyer can help an injured worker protect their rights.

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