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Making warehouse and factory work safer

Pennsylvania residents who work in warehouses or factories have one of the most dangerous jobs. There are more work injuries at these types of facilities than at other types of workplaces. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration pays close attention to the issue of warehouse and factory safety, and it offers some tips to both employers and workers for making this type of industrial work safer.

Employers are advised to first and foremost put safety ahead of production and profit. Employees should be properly trained and discouraged from taking shortcuts on tasks. Workers should fully understand each task and verify that they understand the instructions before beginning any work.

A work task can be more dangerous if the right equipment isn't used. Companies can increase safety for workers by always making sure that the correct equipment is used for every job. Workplaces are also advised to consider investing in equipment like industrial manipulators or lift assists, which can decrease the risk of injuries.

Workers are encouraged to report safety concerns and speak up when someone violates a rule or does something unsafe. Employers could implement reward systems for reporting unsafe behavior to encourage workers to look out for each other and create a safer work environment.

Workers' compensation covers most injuries that occur at large workplaces. Workers' comp is a trade of sorts. In exchange for waiving the right to file a lawsuit against his or her employer, a worker can file a workers' compensation claim and not have to prove that his or her place of business was at fault. Workers' comp covers work injuries even if the employee is at fault, and it also pays for injuries or illnesses that are related to pre-existing conditions. For example, if somehow who has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome gets a new job, and his or her condition is aggravated by work tasks, workers' compensation covers this situation.

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