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How moving could impact Social Security benefits

Pennsylvanians who receive Social Security disability benefits might wonder if moving out of state will make a difference in their monthly payments. While benefits don't vary by state, other factors could make one state more affordable than another.

Social Security's disability programs are federal. This means that payments to individuals are based on national, not state standards. In some cases, recipients may receive a cost-of-living increase, but that increased percentage doesn't vary by state. Therefore, an SSD recipient who is concerned about losing benefits due to relocation can put his or her mind at ease.

However, there are other factors to consider when making a decision about moving across state lines. The first is that some states provide supplementary benefits to some people who are enrolled in a Social Security disability program. Those who are currently living in a state that offers these benefits may want to find out if their future home state will likewise provide these additional funds.

Another consideration is cost-of-living. Some states, regions and cities have a higher cost of living than others. An SSD recipient who is considering a move may benefit from doing some research on housing, food and other costs to determine whether they can afford to live in that area.

Individuals and families who have enrolled in Social Security disability and are concerned about benefit amounts, as well as maintaining eligibility, may benefit from speaking with an attorney. A lawyer could review the client's case and make recommendations regarding applying and qualifying for benefits. Furthermore, the attorney could address possible financial complications that may result from everyday life decisions such as getting married or moving out of state.

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