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Does My Existing Injury Prevent Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

According to Pennsylvania worker’s compensation law, even an acceleration, aggravation or reactivation of a previous injury due to present work activities can be valid for coverage by workers’ compensation insurance.

A Source Of Discouragement

Of course, the insurance company’s adjusters, doctors and claim managers would not like you to think that your claim is valid, so they do everything that is in their power to discourage you from succeeding. Everything from withholding benefits to not answering your phone calls or messages is enacted to wear you down and soften your resolve just as you are at your most vulnerable.

The Real Truth

The truth is if your case can prove that your present work activity, not your previous injury, was responsible for the reactivation or worsening of your pre-existing condition, your claim for benefits is valid. To support your case, you will need to have your medical records from both your initial and latest injuries submitted as evidence to support your case.

Prepare For Resistance

Of course, there is pushback from the insurance companies, which prioritize profits over helping people. When you are hurting and unable to work like you used to due to a workplace injury, you need an experienced professional to be your advocate to negotiate with the workers’ compensation system. You are justified in seeking benefits for damage done to your body in the course of working at your job.

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