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Factors that influence when benefits arrive

Pennsylvania residents and others who have been approved to collect Social Security disability or SSI benefits may be wondering when they will get their first check. This first depends on what type of benefits a person is supposed to receive. Those who are expecting disability benefits will have a mandatory five month wait prior to getting their first check. However, those who are getting SSI benefits do not face any mandatory waiting period.

How the claim for benefits is approved may also play a role in when an individual receives those benefits. When a claim is initially approved or approved at the reconsideration appeal, it gets sent back to a local office for processing. This generally decreases the amount of time between approval and processing. Therefore, there will generally be less of a wait for claims to be cleared for payment.

If a case has to be heard by an administrative law judge, the case decision will be written by another party. That party then has to get in touch with the judge who will then approve the decision before sending it off to processing. In some cases, this may take up to two months to complete. Claims may also take longer to process if they need to be manually approved for any reason.

Those who are unable to work because of an injury may be entitled to disability benefits either temporarily or permanently. It may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney prior to applying as legal counsel may have insights that may increase the odds of having an initial application approved. Legal counsel may also be able to answer questions that a person may have about what type of benefits to apply for or if an individual is eligible for them.

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