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Workers’ comp covers any occupation

All workers, in all occupations, face risks to their health in their daily operations. While people hear of workers’ compensation and automatically think of logging, roofers or steel workers, the statistics show that most everyone runs across dangerous equipment, dangerous people or unsafe conditions in some form.

Nurses, for example, are frequently exposed to violent situations, facing a likelihood of such encounters at 5 to 12 times the average rate, the Washington Post reports. The same article, which explores the health hazards of nursing, notes high levels of physical abuse from patients and their families. Violence and physical abuse are just two workplace dangers that many people overlook.

The overall numbers

It’s easier to think about workplace risks in categorical terms, instead of specific to a single trade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five causes of workplace deaths:

  • Transportation
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Equipment and heavy machinery
  • Violence by people or animals
  • Exposure to harmful substances

Nurses do it all

In looking over the statistics above, nurses are exposed to each of those scenarios, whether it’s moving a patient, moving medical equipment or dealing with unruly or distressed patients. Line cooks, retail clerks, delivery drivers and most other occupations expose workers to the threats listed above in some way.

Injuries are a part of all professions

Workplace deaths are uncommon, but injuries are a part of any profession, regardless of its reputation as dangerous or not. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance paid for by employers. When an employee is injured, you are receiving benefits of their plan.

While workers’ compensation is for everyone, the unfamiliar documentation and application (and potential appeal) can be confusing. An experienced attorney can help you find medical professionals who know the process and will look out for your best interests, making sure that your work respects your injury as you recover.

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