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Preventing blind-spot accidents in Pennsylvania

In warehouses and loading dock, where forklifts and people on foot are always converging, accidents can easily occur just around the corner, possibly leading to injuries, death, lawsuits and higher insurance rates. Though most companies do implement basic safety precautions, such as installing convex mirrors and using forklifts that beep when in reverse, these are often inadequate without a careful consideration of traffic flow, the way the aisles intersect and the amount of space available.

Industrial safety mirrors and domes are always recommended for optimal workplace safety; they should be made of shatter-resistant and fade-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate materials, coated with an all-weather coating and marked with high-visibility safety borders. The number of intersections should determine whether a 90-, 180- or 360- mirror should be installed. Mirrors could also be equipped with handles and wheels to allow employees to quickly inspect under cars, trucks and heavy equipment.

These mirrors are capable of speeding up production time and, more importantly, preventing accidents. They may not enter the records of industrial safety managers, but they will have a tangible effect.

There are times when companies do not take the proper precautions or settle for one-size-fits-all mirrors and domes. If an accident does occur, the victim may be eligible to receive workers' comp benefits. No proof of a company's negligence is required to receive these benefits although it is still advisable to hire an attorney. The other option is to file an injury claim. To this end, a lawyer may be able to hire investigators, photographers and other professionals to document the accident scene, bring up any building code violations and gain any useful background on the company. After gathering the evidence, the lawyer might be able to negotiate with the company's legal team for a settlement.

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