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New employees at risk of injury

Every day in Pennsylvania and around the country, people start new jobs. For many, the process of integrating themselves into a workplace is both exciting and stressful in equal measures. There is often much to learn about the job itself, the company culture and the co-workers, creating significant demands on the new employee.

Unfortunately, this period of onboarding can also be a dangerous one. Research has shown that workers in their first three months on the job have more than three times of the risk of sustaining an injury that causes them to lose time from work than those who have been there longer than a year. Experts have suggested that there are multiple causes for this increased risk, including unfamiliarity with processes and routines, as well as poor preparation on the part of employers.

In fact, when employers fail to properly train and supervise new employees, preventable injuries can and do occur. Unfortunately, some workplaces fail to even take basic steps such as ensuring that new employees have access to protective clothing and other safety equipment before they begin work. In addition, training in safety standards may be limited, further endangering new workers.

The consequences of employer safety failures can be severe and lead in some cases to debilitating and disabling injuries. Workers suffer economically due to lost wages and may experience a decrease in quality of life. In some cases, workers can lose their lives.

Employees who have suffered a workplace injury may find it advisable with an experienced workers' compensation attorney. Benefits might be available in the form of the payment of medical bills and in some cases the restoration of a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period.

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