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Safety training for employees of all ages

Those employed at Pennsylvania companies may be aware that some employees are putting off retirement. This means that many generations of employees are often working together, potentially making safety training difficult due to the variety of skills and experiences that the employees have.

Safety professionals and employers who need to make safety information accessible to all employees should know their audience. This audience, which is likely made up of employees of all ages and backgrounds, should be able to understand the language the safety professionals are using. Safety training may also be more effective if the professionals can customize it to their audience, though this may not be possible if the company is hiring and training a large number of people at once.

It is often difficult for safety professionals or employers to embrace diversity. However, this should not stop employers from having different groups of people working together. This includes working across generations as the skills and experience older generations have can mix well with the skills and experience younger generations have. However, avoiding stereotypes is a must for safety professionals and employers as failing to provide the opportunities for training and advancement based on employees' ages can be harmful and result in a less-productive workplace.

Even with proper safety training, all employees may still be at risk for becoming injured at work. Older individuals may suffer injuries that are more severe due to the effects of aging. Even so, workers who were injured while on the job may still be eligible for workers' compensation benefits, which may cover medical costs and provide a portion of their wages while they focus on their recovery. If an injured employee's benefits are denied, an attorney may file an appeal or take the case to trial to seek the full amount in compensation the worker may be eligible to receive.

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