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Minimizing the risk of chemical injuries at work

Pennsylvania machining companies and plastics manufacturers often work with highly corrosive and dangerous chemicals. When workers are exposed to these chemicals at their points of use, they may suffer serious harm.

Companies should take steps to ensure that the risks that are posed to their workers who must use hazardous chemicals are minimized. Many of these chemical exposure injuries occur when the workers are transferring chemicals from larger containers to smaller ones. Spills may cause chemical burns and inhalation injuries. They may also subject the companies to substantial fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and significant losses.

In addition to providing their workers with good safety gear to wear when they must work with or around chemicals, companies may also want to upgrade their chemical transfer methods. The traditional tip-and-pour method of transfer carries significant risks of spillage. Companies may eliminate spills and make cleanup much faster by investing in sealed pump-and-transfer systems for their chemicals. While the initial outlay for this type of equipment might be expensive, the overall costs may be much lower than the costs the companies might have to pay if spills and accidents happen.

People who suffer chemical injuries while they are working at their jobs may file claims for workers' compensation benefits. All employers must carry this type of insurance in order to protect their employees. Experienced workers' compensation attorneys may help their clients to file their claims. They may have more knowledge about the types of benefits that their clients might be able to recover through the workers' compensation system. In addition to receiving benefits to pay for all of the workers' medical expenses, the attorneys may also help them to recover benefits for their ongoing treatment costs and rehabilitation expenses. Finally, the attorneys may help their clients to recover monthly disability benefits if they are disabled.

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