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High rejection rate when applying for SSDI

When permanent disability or prolonged injury or illness prevents people in Pennsylvania from working, they should qualify for benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance. The process of applying for benefits and proving disability can be onerous and lengthy. The Social Security Administration rejects roughly two-thirds of initial applications for benefits.

Despite strict guidelines that define qualifying disabilities, people have the ability to appeal a rejection. They have 60 days to file a request for reconsideration. People can expect to wait about four months to get benefits approved or denied again. If a second denial occurs, applicants have the option of making their cases at hearings with administrative law judges. This step involves a long wait that currently lasts over 620 days.

In general, applicants benefit from representation by someone knowledgeable about the process. People with the support of a representative gain approval much more often than people who represent themselves. Representatives aid the process by gathering past and current documentation about their clients' medical histories and inability to perform substantial work. They also prepare paperwork according to the disability impairment listing criteria. They present the necessary information at appeal hearings.

A person who expects an injury or illness to prevent working for at least a year might want to approach an attorney for assistance . An attorney knowledgeable about SSDI could review the client's medical records and investigate how they might fulfill requirements for financial benefits. If eligibility appears likely, an attorney could prepare the initial application. This effort would include organizing the medical records and vocational assessments about the client's inability to perform job functions.

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