Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many people think that a work injury is limited to a traumatic injury, such as a slip and fall that results in a broken arm or leg, or a work-related auto accident. Injuries in Pennsylvania, however, can also include conditions that develop as the result of repetitive work activities.

Examples Of Repetitive Motion Injuries

An example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome which results from frequent use of your hands performing job duties on a daily basis over a long period of time. Another example would be a shoulder injury that results from frequent reaching overhead in performing job duties. Foot injuries can also occur from constant standing and walking on hard floor surfaces at work.

A Workers' Compensation Certified Specialist On Your Side

The key in these cases is whether your doctor agrees that your work activities are causing, or aggravating, your medical condition. If so, a workers' compensation claim can be filed. One of our attorneys at Shoap Law Offices can help you decide whether you have a valid claim.

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