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Legal Guidance From A Workers’ Compensation Certified Specialist

Workers’ compensation is a century-old bargain between employees and employers. In exchange for giving up your right to file a lawsuit, you are entered into an insurance program to help you in the event you are injured on the job.

Unfortunately, this “grand bargain” has eroded over the years. Employers and insurers are continually trying to minimize the amount they pay out in workers’ compensation. This has led to many deserving injured workers being denied benefits or unable to get the medical treatment they need.

We Can Help. Here’s How.

Our lawyers will provide you with legal advice about all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim. We will inform you about your rights, such as your right to get benefits for pre-existing conditions, as well as the duties of your employer and its insurance carrier in handling your claim. In addition, we will:

  • Ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of wage loss benefits to which you are entitled
  • Help you obtain the medical treatment that you need
  • Make sure that your employer is treating you fairly
  • Appeal your denied claim if necessary

No Matter The Injury Or Industry, We Provide Skilled Representation

Our experienced lawyers and staff have handled numerous types of injuries across industries, from back, knee and shoulder injuries that require extensive medical documentation to industrial and construction accidents that cause catastrophic injury. We have the knowledge and experience needed to take on insurance companies aggressively.

Shoap Law Offices has one of the first workers’ compensation certified specialists in Pennsylvania. There is no case we are not prepared to handle.

The Other Side Has Attorneys; You Should Too

Your employer has the workers’ comp insurance carrier and their attorneys on their side, all of whom are looking for ways to minimize or deny you benefits. Fortunately, you can get equal representation for yourself, with Shoap Law Offices. Our team is dedicated to every client we have, and we have the knowledge, skill and experience to back it up.

We will review any forms that your employer asks you to sign to make sure they are legally correct and won’t harm your claim. If your employer files a legal petition about your claim, we will provide personal representation for you in court. We can also help you decide whether your claim can be settled for a lump sum.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled for your work injury. Our workers’ compensation practice is conveniently located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and we represent clients throughout the surrounding area. Call us at 717-261-1345 or schedule online.